Here are a few things you can do to prepare.

Close and Lock Windows


We wouldn't want to get any water inside your home! When the windows are locked it seals them better and prevents any possible interior water damage.

Open All Blinds


We've all had that blind that is stubborn as can be. We want to ensure that we are never the cause for breakage of windows, or window treatments in your home. For that reason, please do us the favor of opening all of your blinds, so that we can move efficiently and safely in your home.



If you will not be home for your exterior window cleaning, you will need to have the screens removed prior to our arrival. (This is because most manufacturers design screens to be removed from inside)

If you are getting an exterior AND interior cleaning, we will handle the screen removal.

Water Access


Please make sure your exterior water sources are turned on, and are operating. We almost always will require water onsite to complete the job.

Trinkets/ Decorations


If you have any trinkets, or small decorations on your window sills, or in areas that we will be working, it would be advantageous that they are moved prior to our arrival, so that we can focus solely on making the windows shine! 

Rain In The Forecast?


We all know how fickle Michigan weather can be. In order to keep ourselves from getting behind on schedule, and to avoid pushing back appointments, we choose to work in light rain. In our experience, rain itself won't make windows dirty, but, if you feel that your windows got dirty again from rain within 7 days of your appointment, we will come touch it up for you.